Macedonian shepherd dog - Karaman

Macedonian shepherd dog - Karaman

Welcome to the official web site of Macedonian shepherd dog - Karaman. At the beginning we are going to inform you about the history and general appearance of this dog (an extract from the Breed Standard). You are going to see some photographs of original specimens of the breed which is in a process of forming. This project is being run by the two brothers Marian and Vlatko Kostovski, who present this web site to you.




Macedonian shepherd dog - Karaman is an autochthonous breed whose origins are related to the Neolithic agricultural-stock breeding settlements with which Macedonia is very rich, as well as to the local nomadic movements. Since those times and up to the present it is bred continuously as a herd protector in the whole geographic Macedonia - from Epirus to Shar Planina, and from Thessaloniki to Pirin Mountain. Macedonians have had a special cult for this dog, so that its face often takes an important place on the antique coins of Macedonian kings, on the vases, mosaics and sculptures, in the records of the antique historians and poets, on the iconostasis in Macedonian monasteries, as well as in the epic folk poems collected by Macedonian collectors of folk art from the 19th century. It is actually a real moloss, a dog which was bred by the Moloss tribe from Epirus (the mother of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great is a descendant of this tribe) and which was especially appreciated in the antique world and jealously kept. In its pure form it was kept by the Miaks and the Vlachs, whose conservative life was taking place nomadically and half-nomadically in a constant movement from summer to winter pastures and vice versa. Because of its exceptional courage and loyalty, today we can often meet it as a protector of sheep flocks, but also as a protector of people and property.


General appearance and characteristics;


This is a dog with a firm, compact constitution and with harmonious proportions of all parts of the body. It is highly mobile, with keen senses. It can withstand physical efforts. The difference between the male and the female is obvious. Males are bigger, more massive, robust with a wide head, and females are smaller with more elegant constitution. It is not a typical cattle driver, but its incorruptible protector, always ready to sacrifice its life. It is distrustful about strangers with controlled aggression, expressed only when it is necessary. Its barking is strong, deep and sharp. It binds itself to one person and loyalty is its main characteristic.

Height: The average height of wither with males is 70cm. and with females 64cm. There is no upper limit because bigger specimens are desirable. The lowest height of wither with males is 65cm. and with females 60cm. Average weight of a mature male in good working condition is about 50kg. and of a mature female is about 45kg.

Length: The length of the body of a male is 9-11% bigger than the height of wither, and of a female is 11-13%.

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